Perfibo’s support for IP (Intellectual Property) Copyright

Perfibo respects all rights reserved by artists as well as its audience and expects the same in return from the audience. Based on our Code of Ethics and legal responsibility as well as our sensitivity under normal circumstances and have full information regarding the works and products that violate copyright laws despite the careful verdict of our experts, any breach of copyright will be dealt with and pursues via legal measures. The audience will be informed of the results of such legal actions via the website. The violators will be forced to compensate any and all damages caused to Perfibo as well as any other individual as a result of their copyright violation based on the Copyright law of Iran and The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Perfibo will swiftly review reports of copyright violations directed to our appointed agent. If you are the owner of an IP or their legal representative, please report the copyright violation via our website to our appointed agent.

Please fill out the following form and sent it via E-Mail to this address:  

Notice of Copyright Infringement based on Perfibo’s Rules & Guidelines


To the agent responsible for copyright infringement…

I am …… (full legal name), being fully aware of the legal repercussion of submitting a false takedown notice, warrant that my copyright takedown notice regarding ….. (full name of the violating work/product) is precise and true and not based on personal issues and there are no mistakes regarding the information about the violator

Please include the following information as attachments

  • List of work(s)/product(s) violating the copyright laws
  • In the case of encountering content that violates copyright which needs to be taken down or has their access removed, please report them along with adequate information such as the URL and description to us
  • Your E-Mail, Mobile Phone Number, Address and Phone Number
  • Your legal name as well as your physical or digital signature