Culture is the soft form of everything that belongs to human societies and a valuable work of art is able to exhibit genuine aesthetic features. Products that stem from various cultures, art, and beauty are presented here.

Art & Culture

First Question!

What is culture?

Culture is a complex collection of science and knowledge, beliefs, art, rules, ethics, habits, and anything else that people consider as a part of their society. In contrast to genetic material that is transferred via inheritance; culture is transferred to the next generation by teaching. It is the approach to satisfying any real or unreal need as well as a shared way of living, thought, and behavior in a society. Culture is always like software whereas civilization encompasses that as well as hardware. It includes art, literature, science, inventions, philosophy, and religion. In short;

Culture is the running software of society and in turn humans.

Next question!

What is the art and which is a work of art?

Art may be the most valuable content of culture since other contents of culture are manifested within art. In short, art is the ability to create beauty and a work of art is that which is created by humans to invoke emotions and intelligence or convey meaning.

A work of art is one that can demonstrate the inherent features of Aesthetics.

Beauty is symmetry and symmetry is beauty!

Fibonacci enters the field and introduces an infinitely beautiful and interesting sequence of numbers. He was an artist in math and has used math to create a work of art. Using his sequence of numbers, he sings clearly and loudly;

The universe is beautiful! Because it is both balanced and symmetrical.

Perfibo, whose primary goal is to support culture, art, and related fields, provides products that are original and adhere to general and specific standards of Perfibo.

Books verified by Perfibo

  • Exquisite books with special and valuable content and unique design
  • Quran and other religious books
  • Ancient and modern poetry
  • Exquisite art books or books with innovative content
  • Pictures or paintings with various unique subjects
  • Valuable hand-written books, calligraphy with unique designs and leather rolls (permitted animals only)
  • Art made with bamboo, papyrus and similar works
  • Education books with new and innovative content for different age groups
  • Books, flashcards, any valuable educational product with innovative design

Works of visual art verified by Perfibo

  • All exquisite works of visual art with a unique design such as paintings with various substances, digital paintings, calligraphy, calligrams, art photography, sculptures, etc.
  • All works in this category are purely works of art and do not include decorative, religious, or practical works (e.g. handicrafts). The rest will be defined in their own relevant sections.
  • All works of art must be made with material that adheres to standards.
    Rot-proof and high-quality material
    Prohibited material must not be used (elephant ivory, rhino horn, skins or other body parts of endangered animals, illegal substances, hazardous material, etc.)
    Extensive usage of valuable metals or gems is prohibited
    Prohibited symbols and signs must not be used (i.e. racist, anti-religious, offensive, political, etc.)
    Works including religious content will be provided in their own section instead of here
  • All works must adhere to Perfibo’s Code of Ethics

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