Perfibo ‘s legal charter


Privacy Policy

Perfibo announces what data and information is collected from the audience, how the data and information that is collected from users visiting the website is used, and how that data and information is protected in its privacy policy.

In order to protect the privacy of the audience, any personal information collected from the users will only be used as written in this privacy policy. As Perfibo’s responsibilities and obligations are limited by its ability and available tools, Perfibo does not take any responsibility for unexpected incidents such as data breaches by hackers or similar events.

In case of updates or changes to our privacy policy, such changes will be reflected on this page and can be viewed by all users.

Information Collected by Perfibo

Information collected by Perfibo shall be used to improve the services provided to all users.

Information is collected via the two following methods:

  • Information provided to Perfibo by the user/audience. Perfibo stores all information entered by its viewers in different sections, including:
  • First & Last Name, E-Mail address that is provided when submitting orders and messages; in case of an accepted ad, a short biography and full information such as data of birth, phone number and city. Some of the information will be publicly visible such as Full Name and picture while other information such as E-Mail address, date of birth, city and etc. are not visible to normal users of the website.
  • Information provided while updating or editing personal information already present in our systems will be collected
  • Search queries, page views, image uploads, comment submissions, favorite products, reports and other activities performed on Perfibo are recorded
  • Information collected while using the website. When using Perfibo, the following information is automatically collected and stored:

Pages viewed by the audience

IP address of the audience

Browser Information of the audience

How does Perfibo use the data collected?

Perfibo uses the collected information to provide personalized suggestions and reach a better understanding of the needs of its audience. More specifically, the information collected by the website is used as follows:

  • Improving the security of the website and users’ personal information
  • Service improvements and bug fixes
  • Development of new features and services

Data Security

Perfibo is obligation to guarantee the security of the audience information and data. Perfibo takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the integrity and security of the data and information collected online and prevent data breaches.

Security of audience and viewers personal information

Perfibo shall never sell the audience’s personal information or use it for advertising purposes and shall never disclose such information to third parties unless required by law.


Website Terms of Service

Sending a request, registering or submitting an order on Perfibo means you have accepted its terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, please avoid using this website.


Parties: The audience is any person who uses Perfibo’s website in any way. The system refers to Perfibo or its website.

Content: Any information available on Perfibo, including pictures, user comments, locations, phone numbers or any other information related to Perfibo’s activities.

Changes in Rules

Terms and conditions are subject to change. Any update will be reflected on this page and can be viewed.

Website Terms of Service

Merit and legitimacy: If you are our competitor or your access to our website has been restricted for any reason, you may not use Perfibo.

Permission to use the website

Perfibo only allows access to this website if the audience has accepted its terms and conditions. Sharing content from this website without our written permission is prohibited and may have legal repercussions.

Website Accessibility

This website may be temporarily taken down in order to apply updates without prior notice.

User Account

Viewers must create an account in order to use all features of this website (placing orders, participating in events, etc.) and provide their basic information such as full name and E-Mail address.

The audience is responsible for all their actions performed within the system. Perfibo reserves the right to delete user accounts without prior notice, often as a result of violations of terms of service.

  • Users may only use their accounts for noncommercial purposes
  • Users are not allowed to use fake or offensive names
  • Users are not allowed to use the names of celebrities
  • Users are not allowed to create more than one account
  • Users are not allowed to create accounts on behalf of others without their content

Contact Us

After a user registers, we assume that they agree to receive newsletters and system messages. These newsletters are sent no more than one or two times per month and are purely informational.


  • Audience responsibility for user-generated content

Each user has limited responsibility for any damage caused by the content they generate. Users and the audience may not present themselves as representatives of or endorsed by Perfibo. Comments of the audiences do not reflect the views of Peribo on the subject.

  • Our right to using your content

Perfibo reserves the right to publicly present the content generated by you and edit, remove or use it as advertising material in its other sections and subsidiaries.

Content Ownership

The audience owns their own content but Perfibo owns all the content present on its website.

Distribution Agreement

  • Presenting works does not generate any responsibility for Perfibo; except those traded under its supervision. Perfibo is only responsible for products traded via its official platform or those supervised by its legal representatives; in other words, Perfibo is only responsible for its licensed products. The only licensed products are those with a Perfibo Certificate or a transaction receipt.
  • Perfibo shall follow up on orders within 1 to 72 hours and inform the results. Products are first taken by Perfibo and then sent to the customers. The minimum delivery time would be 1 workday and the maximum 45 workdays. Bulk purchases will be dealt with according to the contract. Perfibo is obligated to inform the customers about the time of delivery -1 to 45 days- within 72 hours of receiving the order.
  • There are some exceptions when it comes to certain products and the transaction must be supervised by our legal representative. (contact our support for more information)
  • Products that have a special sign from Perfibo may only be ordered via the website. In case of activities by marketers that are verified by Perfibo, the order must be placed by them.
  • Perfibo is obligated to deliver products -up to 50 million Rials of value- in good physical condition to the postal company and the customer. Perfibo insures the sent products and issues an originality certificate alongside the transaction receipt. After the insurance and delivery to postal services, Perfibo has no further obligations.
  • Products that are more expensive than 50 million Rials or those that are unable to be posted must be traded in person. A Perfibo representative will supervise and oversee the transaction process and issue a certificate alongside the product if everything goes well.
  • Perfibo abides by international laws and the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • General orders and requests for special products are only possible after signing a FEMA contract between the customer and Perfibo or if the transaction (between the seller and the buyer) is supervised by a Perfibo representative.

Refund Policy

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, the customer may return a product within 24 hours of receiving the product for any of the following reasons by informing our support staff:

  • If the product is defective or otherwise broken
  • If the product does not match its description on the website (i.e. size, color, material, and other description) or is physically different than advertised
  • If the product is physically damaged as a result of Perfibo’s packaging before being delivered to postal services

Return process

All returned products will be checked for refund eligibility by our experts and a refund will only be issued to the customer accounts if verified and authorized by the expert, otherwise, the product will be sent back to the customer along with the reason why the refund was denied. Products with missing labels, improper packaging (in case of cancellation), or held for more than 24 hours and not returned within a week will result in the refund being denied.

False product description

In case of a mismatch between the received product and its description, the customer must carefully compare the packaging information with those on the website and refrain from opening the package if it does not match. Customer support must be contract within 24 hours in order to receive instructions on how to return the product.

Purchase cancellation

In order to cancel an order, the customer must inform our customer support at least 2 days before the product is sent, otherwise, a refund is only possible after reducing one-third of the product(s) price based on certain conditions.

If the customer cancels the order within the first few hours of placing the order, customer support has to be contacted within those first few hours; otherwise, the customer must refrain from accepting the package when delivered. In case of a product defect, customer support must be contacted within 24 hours after receiving the product. After the defect or any other issue(s) is confirmed, the money will be refunded to the customer.