About Us

Perfibo provides a new space for the introduction and supply of products in the fields of culture, art, and entertainment with a new approach to interacting with intellectuals, researchers, artists, designers, producers, and people with bright ideas. The first step towards founding this company was taken in 2019 in cooperation with Unco Art and Kourosh Trade Kavian Company (KTK). This organization was eventually founded in 2020. What you see here is not an online shop. However, Perfibo strives to take and deliver orders in the shortest amount of time whenever possible while providing specific benefits to the applicants.

The Three Main Principles of Perfibo

Precise and strict standards

Adherence to commitments 

Respecting the audience and customer orientation  

General Content Standards

  • Products must be new, innovative and original
  • Only registered products with proven ownership will be accepted. Perfibo takes copyright and ownership very seriously and product ownership must be confirmed by Perfibo’s experts and consultants.
  • All products must not include religious, anti-religious, racist, etc. designs (with the exception of products related to Abrahamic religions)
  • All products must provide specific values (i.e. beauty, education, meaning)

General Physical Standards

  • All products (with some exceptions that will be pointed out later) must be bio-degradable and environment friendly.
  • All products must have appealing design and their safety must be approved by Perfibo’s experts. (some categories may have additional requirements, e.g. clothing must not include animal skin
  • Products must be packaged and delivered by mail via national and international postal services. (with the exception of some rare and expensive products which have different requirements)





  • Introduction of products based on Perfibo’s Standards & Protocols
  • Establishing an effective connection among idea owners, manufacturers and other audience
  • Hosting various events each year with specific goals based on the principles of Perfibo
  • Perfibo has always been inspired by Fibonacci’s number sequences which is mysterious and fascinating. Perfibo is born as a one by one square which strives to become a huge platform for products, content and audience just like Fibonacci’s spiral.
  • Products supported by Perfibo must adhere to strict content and physical standards.
  • Content provided through products such as games, toys, cultural products, art, etc. must also belong to one of the following categories as well as being original and adhering to Perfibo standards:
  • Games & Toys, Books & Journals, Visual Arts, Jewelry, Handicraft, Fashion & Clothing, Perfume, Decoration & Accessories, Religious Items, Collectibles

*Perfibo merely acts as a supporter and informer in other art-related fields such as theatre, cinema, performance arts, etc..

Perfibo Staff