Introduction to Yadollah Rezvani’s jewelry

Introduction to Yadollah Rezvani's jewelry

Within the Alborz mountain range, Lar Plain and Binalood lie rivers that carry the essence of culture as if they are the veins that carry entire generations of bloodlines whose art and culture propagates through such expressions; we deal with the remnants of the past and build our future upon such foundation. As time flows from the past to the far future, sometimes we can observe an artist’s perspective on life in their creation, be it a piece of earring or else; after all it is the artist the breathes life and meaning into his creation and as such we can see the sum of his experience within the piece of art itself. A necklace can possess the power to transport you to an entire new world that you have never experienced before and an anklet can take you to the hot desert where you can feel the scorching sun shine bright.

Sometimes, a ring can take one to the deepest ancient caves where icicles and waterdrops enhance the atmosphere which is dark and claustrophobic yet peculiarly haunting. These are all rare experiences that can only be had when encountering artifacts one could say have a soul of their own; a property which stems from delicacy, purpose and wisdom.

Jewelries designed and produced by Yadollah Rezvani are rooted in ancient Iranian tradition, both from a technical perspective and the content itself. Most of his handcrafted work is made of stone, silver and copper and the design and technique used to craft them stem from deep understanding of ancient Iranian culture. Perfibo provides the audience with a few of his last remaining works.